Women Artists

Historically women artists have often been overlooked, society did not accept them for their artistic skill, but they were not bad artists – just women making art at the wrong time in history.  At The National Gallery in London they are aware that of the thousands of paintings in the collection there are only 21 by women. They have produced several very interesting and informative videos and widened the scope of the discussion to include women who commissioned art, those who were collectors and, of course, those who were muses.

Were these women the influencers of their day?  https://bit.ly/2UmXFQx

Jane Ray – Pair of Harlequin Columbine Prints

At Elegant Possessions we buy and sell modern, vintage and antique art (excellent recycling!). Looking at our collection we mirror wider society with women artists definitely in the minority, but here’s a selection, mostly modern 20th and 21st century pieces, to enjoy. https://bit.ly/35FFErD.